Frisan * F1

Hanging Basket Series
Hot Pink Flowers & Vigorous Trailing Habit

Strawberry F1 Frisan replaces our Pikan
in the Hanging Basket series. Eye-catching hot pink flowers have caught consumer's attention all the time, adding another colour dimension to our assortment. Strong plants with many runners fit perfectly in our Hanging Basket Series.

Plant Production
Plug growers appreciate the fast and even germination of strawberry F1 Frisan.

Hanging Basket Culture
Strawberry F1 Frisan develops vigorous plants with many runners. Flowering already starts abundantly in the first season, also on the runners.

Fruit Characteristics
Juicy fruit with sweet flavour makes strawberry F1 Frisan a delightful attraction in ornamental gardens. Abundant flowering and high yield of fruits will continue during whole summer season.

Strawberry specialists from Andijk-Holland