Golan* F1

Fresh Produce Growers
Delicate Flavour and Conical Shape

Strawberry F1 Hybrid Golan is our special variety for both its delicate flavour and nice conical fruit shape. Golan was confirmed in extended grower trials as an ever bearer with a mild acid taste. Fruit of F1 Golan showed very stable conical shape.

Plant Characteristics

The generative plant with erect flower stems makes Golan well suitable for table top culture. Fruit is well visible and easy to harvest.

Fruit Quality

Fruit shape of Golan is even and conical. The delicate flavour with mild acid taste gives Golan an unique postion in the marketplace for direct marketing. Level of firmness is sufficient. External colour of the fruit is bright red and internal colour is light red.


On peat substrate in table top culture productivity is comparable with F1 Elan.
High percentage Class I.
Maintains its productivity until end of season

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