Rowena* F1

Open Field | Summer

High Yield and Weather Resistance

Modern consumers want to enjoy strawberries with full flavor, especially during summer. Thanks to the unique concept of seed propagated F1 hybrids, these strawberries can be produced locally in a sustainable way. High yield, excellent red fruit color and good weather resistance put F1 Rowena strawberries in a class on its own. This is why Rowena strawberries will be the favorites of many growers and gourmet consumers alike.

Strawberry F1 hybrid Rowena showed remarkable results for both high yield and weather resistance in open field culture. Rowena was confirmed in consecutive trials on Trial Station Zwaagdijk as a very productive ever bearer. Fruit of Rowena showed excellent transportability and shelf life. Rowena performs well in open field culture and in outdoor gutter culture.

Plant Characteristics

  • Ever bearer
  • Easy to harvest due to good presentation of the fruit
  • Open and very vigorous plant

Fruit Quality

  • Fruit shape is broad conical
  • Good level of firmness
  • Intense bright red fruit during normal shelf life
  • Gourmet quality with Brix 8-9˚


  • High percentage Class 1
  • Mid-season earliness
  • Maintains its productivity until end of season

Strawberry specialists from Andijk-Holland